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Nike Pegasus

Shoe Design, Corporate, Motion,
Interior, PR Material

Cities are always changing. It’s simply in the nature of things. Berlin, in particular, was always unique. A hidden persuasion thanks to its vibrant past, breathing history and artificial island features. But it was the fading 1980s where the transition from major city to metropolis was finally executed. This is when the youth, in particular, started to explore an intense town after the fall of the Berlin Wall and its resulting reunification of Germany. NIKE pays tribute to this historical landmark through the celebration of the limited Pegasus "Berlin 89" model.
Nike Pegasus

Nike Pegasus 89 Berlin

PR Material

Development of a vibrant key-visual that equally reflects on Berlin’s sturm und drang; a short animated movie in collaboration with Timo Boese; conceptualization of internet-teasers; invitations for both presentation of the Nike Pegasus 89 at Berlin’s Spirit Room and official release party; conceptualization of the seeding package for selected opinion leaders, which included the shoe and a highly limited hoody presented in a now sought after paper-gift-bag
Nike Pegasus 89 Berlin

Nike Pegasus 89 Berlin

Interior Design

Official presentation: interior design including a 400kg heavy art-
installation (eight panes of glass that tell the story of a typical night out in Berlin through unique images and graphics); a chill-out corner (couch and side tables made from concrete and black leather); a wall that tries to explain 20 years of Berlin youth culture via hand-painted diagrams, sketches and slogans (including an interactive part with magnets).
Nike Pegasus 89 Berlin